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Commitment to communities

With the development of FeNix project PRONICO fortified its commitment to elevate living standards of people living in nearby communities by improving sustainable development of the region by particular and precisely directed projects derived from the voluntary royalty.

In the august of 2014 PRONICO signed an agreement of voluntary royalties’ payment with the Department of Energy and Mines, according to which PRONICO gives to Local Self-Administration 2%, in addition to legal royalty, in equivalent parts to municipalities and leading communities of FeNix and Montúfar projects. To make this investment fair, transparent and efficient the Fideicomiss with 6 accounts was created, for every municipality of El Estor, Panzós, Amates, Morales, Puerto Barrios y Livingston.

This mechanism will permit the usage of these funds in projects confirmed by the same communities, giving priority to the initiatives of community development focused on the improving of sanitary, educational, socioeconomical and infrastructural conditions, equally as the environmental protection.

At the same time the Department of Community Relations and the Raxche’ foundation have created programs for the community development, economy planning and culture preserving.

Awareness process
(2 PDF included)

  • Executive Resume of the Report of Public awareness process
  • Administrative Response to the Report of Public awareness process