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Corporate Social Responsibility

PRONICO bases its philosophy on respect for the rights of their workers, listening to their ideas, considering their views and recognizing their values.

This exchange is the platform for socially responsible management, starting with the respect and compliance with labor laws. The company believes the families of its employees as beneficiaries of the project and its vision is to extend this support to communities near the project and the environment.

Being part of the Centre for Social Responsibility in Guatemala, (CentraRSE) the company promotes development in the area of its operation through its Raxche Foundation.

Through its head company Solway Investment Group is committed to achieve the levels of efficiency and technical capacity needed to achieve an exemplary operation, aware that this achievement is only through a committed team and a clean and safe mining operation. That is why it takes responsibility for ensuring compliance with international standards (ISO) in its operation.


PRONICO is committed to improving the level of life of people in communities near the FeNix project, working through the Raxche Foundation “meaning in language Q'eqchi – The Tree of Hope”.

The foundation works with communities of the watershed of Lake Izabal, improving health and education, stimulating jobs, promoting new productive areas and promotes the community development.

Raxche has realized more than 80 projects distributed in different areas, we can mention infrastructure school projects, training courses, courses for teachers; some medical clinics and community pharmacies have been conducted in the healthcare. Touching on the forestry, Foundation works to promote Setal Private Nature Reserve in community nurseries and reforestation projects; Alternative to traditional crops are promoting in the area of agribusiness.

Private Natural Reserve SETAL

SETAL Private Nature Reserve was created in February 2009 through a resolution of the National Council of Protected Areas (CONAP) in order to conserve and protect permanently biodiversity and ecological processes in a wetland near the mining project. It promotes scientific research, environmental education and protects the Wildlife Refuge Bocas de Polochic.

Private Nature Reserve is located 4.5km from El Estor, Izabal and it has an area of 617 hectares. The reserve is part of the habitat of Howler Monkey and Crocodile, endangered species in Guatemala. In addition, there are 462 plant species, 110 of orchids, 35 species of bromeliads; some 37 species of mammals, 200 species of birds and migratory shorebirds, amphibians and bee species.

For responsible ecological usage, SETAL reserve has been zoned into three areas: protection, restoration and sustainable management. Among the activities undertaken are the following: inspecting patrols, accounting, reforestation, installing observation towers, among other things.

For more information about SETAL and planning tours you can contact:

Department of Environment (7720.1800)

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.